Sunday, 18 September 2011

A new journey begins

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My New Self takes a new turn today.  Iv decided that Iv had enough of focussing on what I weight and decided to take a completely new approach.

For those of you who know my story, I told you that I saw a psychologist for my weight in early 2000.  Cari Corbett Owen has now moved to the USA and put her approach to weight loss into a programme called Mind Over Fatter.  She helps us find the psychological reasons why we overeat and why diets constantly fail.
Her approach is quite radical - ditch the diets, ditch the bathroom scale, stop focussing on the 'number' i.e. how much you weight and start focussing on what our bodies naturally know and would do naturally if we let them.  She also includes CDs with her programme which help to re-programme your subconcious mind and give you the tools to get your weight off without dieting and without the stress of how much you  lost or didn't loose for the week. She also focusses on living joyfully and loving moving around rather than dreading exercise.

Imagine the freedom of never being on another diet and of not having worry about that dreaded number on the scale.  I find it quite terrifying!!  The first thought that is going through my mind is that I wont know how much Iv picked up or lost.  Does it really matter if you're getting thinner?  Think how much unhappiness and stress we cause ourself by focussing on that number, and on other people's numbers.  We feel like failures and when we do have a small success, the pleasure is short lived because we haven't changed the thinking which made us fat in the first place.  Our whole lives revolve about what we should eat, what we did eat, what we could have eaten, what we ate wrong etc.  For goodness sake!  There has to be more to life than that!!  The diet industry of course promotes this thinking because they are making millions out of people like us.  Isnt society funny.  We are constantly bombarded by food adverts, restaurant offers, cooking programmes etc. and then the fashion magazines who give us these pictures of stick thin models that we're supposed to try and look like.

I got my programme yesterday and Im getting started today.  I can't wait although I must tell you that Im afraid - no make that terrified!.  Afraid that I will pick up more weight, afraid that I wont succeed, afraid of what I will uncover as I peel back the layers of why I am overweight.  I will share my journey with you in the hope that it will encourage you to take a bold new step yourself and leave 'Diet City' as Cari calls it, behind forever.

Research has shown that 95-98% of diets fail.  Thats scary. We've all been at the point where we think 'what the hell is this all about?''  I will put a link to Cari's site on My New Self.  Go and have a look at it and see for yourself what she has to say.  Are you brave enough to never go on another diet and throw that scale away?

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  1. Wishing you only the very best Jen - I will most definately be looking at Cari's site and her approach. Whether I 'm brave enough to ditch the scale??? I honestly don't know...not at this moment anyway.