Friday, 23 September 2011

Let your internal GPS be your guide

This morning I decided to experiment with my internal 'Food GPS'.  Yesterday's attempt at not bringing anything with to work to eat and eating what my body asked for was a dysmal failure.

I went down to Pick and Pay at lunch time in search of something for lunch and ended up coming back with two rolls, a piece of chicken and a packet of slap chips.  Epic fail!  GPS on the blink!  I am so used to packing in my little Weigh Less bag of goodies for work that it is quite disorientating having to go and look for something to eat when I'm hungry.

I struggle with breakfast big time.  I hate eating so early in the morning and I'm not at all 'tummy hungry'.  I'm following Cari's advice ( of trying to listen to my body and only eat when I'm 'tummy hungry'.  For me, this usually happens at around 11am.

So this morning, after rushing around collecting stock for work and 2 cappucinos down the hatch, I headed into Pick and Pay Plattekloof (which is an awesome Pick and Pay!) and tried to breathe deeply, relax and let my internal GPS lead me to what my body wanted to eat.  I know that probably sounds hillarious and you're probably picturing me aimlessly wondering around the isles like a bloodhound but, surprisingly, I headed for the salad counter and bought a delicious bakkie of freshly chopped fruit.  Juicy strawberries, tart goosberries, silky kiwi, crunchy pineapple - Yummy.  I also got a bakkie of chopped mixed salad for lunch (another trip to the shops later was not on the cards) and some slices of shaved chicken.  I then headed off to get a yogurt - grandilla caught my fancy -   Mission accomplished!

I am feeling extremely virtuous, having just munched through my fruit salad and yogurt.  Its very difficult to savour the flavours when you're having mouthfuls inbetween working.  I know thats not supposed to be how it happens but I dont actually have the time to 'stop and eat and savour'.

I'm seriously working on getting this Internal GPS to function at maximum efficiency.  Watch this space.

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